Nollywood actress Ngozi Ezeh has been added to the list of celebrities that have commented on the trendy news on Davido’s alleged pregnancy drama with different women.


While a lot of people have bashed the Unavailable crooner over his careless lifestyle and hurting his wife chioma who also is mother to his late son Ifeanyi who died last year, the actress has taken to her Instagram page to pen down why she supports the artiste amidst his infidelity scandal.


Ngozi Ezeh took to her page saying:


“Happy New Month Fam


This is a clear messages to us living things created by God in my country. I remember very well, when David was grieving, we posted him up and down on social media, we made it look as if we were supporting him and to us it was a bad time for him & his family.


Now he has bounced back trying to gather his life back, we are on his case. When David got married, we can count the number of people that posted him & celebrated him on social media, even if the marriage was on low key.


Today, because of a little turn up he is passing through, that's not a challenge, Nigerians are castigating him, left, right, back and front.


David, is one of the best in the world in the entertainment industry, and if we don't celebrate him, others will celebrate him. We like to celebrate when a man fall, not when is up there. If you like pour out insults on me, I will gladly tell you what's up.  


You want David to be depressed? You want his marriage to have cracks? You want his Career to slow down? Sorry, it's a big effort in the air.


Nobody is a saint, Did he kill anyone? Lets learn to appreciate our own, God has blessed us with him, let's not pull him down. So people are even insulting the wife. Well, our lord Jesus Christ said, he who is without sin, cast the first stone.


Since all you are President General of God's kingdom in heaven, keep judging him. I support David Adeleke, his wife, his family and his team.


We are good with online insults not knowing what it does to the individual involved.


Finally, if you are bigger than DAVIDO, insult him, but if you are not, bounce and get a life outside social media gossip.




Happy New Month”.


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