As e dey happen, the bustling atmosphere of the AMVCA night with stars and enthusiasts from the Nigerian film industry gathered to celebrate the best of Nollywood. During his interview session with “As e dey happen,” Adedayo Davies delved into his vast experience in the acting industry, which spanned over several decades, and his idea of dress sense all for fashion. 

However, He fondly recollected his humble beginnings, reminiscing how he started with a meager fee of #500 per episode. He highlighted the positive transformation the industry has undergone, with actors now commanding a price ranging from #50,000 to #100,000 and more per episode. However, he candidly acknowledged that the challenging economic conditions still posed a significant obstacle for the industry's growth. 


Furthermore, he revealed that his foray into acting was somewhat serendipitous. During his time at the prestigious University of Lagos, he engaged in theater as a form of recreation, never imagining it would shape his entire career. It was during this period that Wale Adenuga, the renowned producer, conducted auditions for the popular Papa Ajasco TV series. Driven by his passion, Adedayo took a leap of faith and participated in the audition, which proved to be a turning point in his life. 


In terms of fashion, Adedayo Davies proudly expressed his preference for simplicity. Pointing to the comfortable slippers adorning his feet, he playfully contrasted his attire with some extravagant ensembles he witnessed at the event. With a hint of amusement, he remarked upon individuals, both male and female, for fashion, obscured their true identity. He humorously criticized the practice of dragging clothes (sarcastically ) beyond their intended lifespan, noting how some outfits appeared worn beyond recognition. 


As the interview drew to a close, Adedayo Davies exuded a sense of satisfaction and gratitude for his journey in the Nigerian film industry. His words were a testament to the enduring passion and commitment that had propelled him from his university days to becoming a respected veteran. 



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