American rapper and songwriter Megan Jovon Ruth Pete known widely by her stage alias Megan Thee Stallion has revealed her reasons behind not putting out any music in a long time as she announces her decision to ‘take a break’.


The Grammy-award-winning rapper has broken her silence and says she's currently "focused on healing" and will return to music "when she's in a better place."


The Savage singer revealed her plans to step out of the studio for a while and focus on self-care during a new interview with InStyle.

She, -Megan also promotes her new partnership with beauty brand Revlon. “Fans can expect new music when I’m in a better place,” the rapper said. “Right now, I’m focused on healing.”


Though speculations point that her pending court case with Tory Lanez has a huge part to play in the artist's decision, she added that part of that break was about the demands of the music industry altogether. And that in the place of making music, says she’s currently spending more time with her dogs, exercising, bingeing TV, and perhaps most importantly, setting boundaries for her physical and mental health.


“The music and entertainment industry can be a grind, so it’s important to take time off and avoid burning out,” she explained. “Life is all about balance.”


Stallion’s reveal comes in on the heels of her first and only major public response to the Tory Lanez shooting trial. Published in Elle, the 28 year old singer and rapper addressed the racist and sexist responses to her being shot in the foot by the Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez, -her former friend and a member of her inner circle who shot Stallion in the foot in July 2020 after they left a party in the Hollywood Hills.


In December, Lanez was found guilty of one felony count each of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, negligent discharge of a firearm and carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle. He was initially slated to be sentenced in January and is facing more than 20 years in jail, but the sentencing was again delayed.


While Megan does not pinpoint this as the main reason for her 'break', it is common knowledge and fans can seize to expect music from the singer/rapper anytime soon.


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