West Ham players fighting AZ Alkmaar fans to protect their families.



In a bizarre turn of events at the AFAS Stadion in Alkmaar during the match between West Ham and Az Alkmaar, the West Ham players were not only fighting for a ticket that would send them to the final of the UEFA Europa Conference League, they had to also fight opponent fans who were trying to attack to attack a section where their families and friends were seated. 

Report suggests the fans broke down the gates to the hospitality sections and started attacking the families of the West Ham players but the players themselves got involved and tried to fight back before the riot police eventually stepped in to control the situation.


No casualties are reported but an investigation is being carried on the whole incident although a West Ham fan is being hailed as ‘the hero’ of the situation as he tried to stop the attacking fans all on his own by fighting back before even the players got involved.



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