‘We Weren’t Given Anything Extra’ — Ireti Kingibe Speaks on Akpabio’s Credit Alert For Senators





Senator Ireti Kingibe, who represents the FCT in the red chamber, claims that she has not yet received an additional stipend. 


The clerk of the national parliament, Magaji Tambuwal, handed money to the senators on Monday, according to Godswill Akpabio, the senate president, so they may "enjoy" their holidays.


Akpabio was quickly made aware that he was speaking in front of live television and press cameras by his coworkers after making the comment.


The Senate President quickly withdrew after realizing the gravity of his remark.


“I withdraw that statement,” he said.


“In order to allow you to enjoy your holiday, the senate president has sent prayers to your mail boxes to assist you to go on a safe journey and return.”


In response to Akpabio's initial remark, many Nigerians expressed outrage on social media, claiming that federal lawmakers are tone deaf and live in a bubble despite the hardships faced by the average citizen.


When questioned about the senator's remark, Kingibe explained that Akpabio was referring to the "statutory" allowance received by senators.


“I did not receive any prayer but I will check my emails for the prayers. Truthfully, I don’t know what he was talking about,” she added.


“Most people assumed that our allowances are being paid — some statutory things that we are paid.


“I don’t think it was anything extra that we’re supposed to be given. I certainly haven’t seen anything extra.”


The FCT senator said there is nothing she can do about the high expense of governance as it relates to senators' allowances.


“Yes, truthfully, that is so. I know that I can’t change anything,” she said.


“So I have a constituency office and a development office where I do development programmes for the people.


“Hopefully, anything extra… I’m new and we’ve been paid very little. But as they come in, a lot of it will go towards funding that office, the development programmes.”




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