We Cannot Claim To Be Progressive Party With Muslim-Muslim Ticket And Party Leadership, APC Chieftain Writes Tinubu

Salihu Mohammed Lukman, a former National Vice Chairman (North West) of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), has written an open letter to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, highlighting what he explained as "disturbing signals" in the early months of his administration.

The letter reads in part, “Your Excellency, I find it very compelling to send this open letter to you because there are disturbing signals, which if not averted could produce bigger problems and irreversibly destroy our electoral viability as a party.

Lukeman also queried the decisions of Tinubu on the poor masses since his assumption of office in May. Though he attempted to leave them to public scrutiny.

He said; “Without attempting to question your authority and commitment to the wellbeing of Nigeria as a nation, within the short period since May 29, 2023, when you assumed office, there are decisions you took, which are very disturbing to many of us who are loyal party members.

“Rather than even attempting to respond to that challenge and demonstrate that truly we only invoked the Muslim-Muslim ticket as an electoral strategy, in a very insensitive manner we imposed another Muslim-Muslim scenario in the party with national chairman and national secretary both Muslims.

He also mentioned the party's decision to fly the same religious ticket for the presidential election and their subsequent appointment of APC Chairman and secretary from the same.

“And we want to claim we are a progressive party? What is the brand of our progressive politics? Certainly, not the one which Nigerians expect, which endears us to citizens on account of which Nigerians gave us the mandate to manage the affairs of government since 2015. As it is, both as party members and as Nigerians, our expectation from your government has crashed.” said.


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