In a recent development, skit maker Abdullahi Maruff Adisa, widely known as Trinityguy, has been sent to prison by a Magistrate Court in Ibadan, Oyo State, over allegations of sexualizing a minor in one of his viral skit videos. The Nigerian Police had previously called for his arrest following the circulation of a video showcasing dangerous pranks. 


The Oyo State Police Command conducted an investigation and subsequently interrogated Trinityguy and the parents of the young girl featured in the viral video. Both individuals were scheduled to appear in court on Monday. Trinityguy's defence counsel, represented by Olúdáre Adebayo, pleaded for bail on behalf of his client. 


However, Magistrate PO Adetuyibi rejected the bail application, emphasizing that the case was being actively reviewed by the state Ministry of Justice. Therefore, the courtroom mandated the remand of both Trinityguy and the parents of the minor until the next hearing, which has been adjourned until July 11. 


This ruling highlights the seriousness with which the court and law enforcement authorities are treating the alleged offence committed by Trinityguy. By remanding all parties involved, including the parents of the minor, the court aims to ensure their availability during the ongoing investigation and legal proceedings. 


The case has generated significant attention due to the viral nature of Trinityguy's skit video, and it serves as a reminder that actions portrayed in the digital space can have real-life consequences. As the legal process unfolds, the state Ministry of Justice will play a crucial role in assessing the allegations against Trinityguy and determining the appropriate course of action by the law.


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