SERAP Sues President Tinubu Over Alleged Missing $2.1b, N3.1tr Oil Funds





The Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has filed a lawsuit against President Bola Tinubu for allegedly failing to investigate claims that oil income planned for gasoline subsidies totaling $2.1 billion and N3.1 trillion between 2016 and 2019 is missing and unaccounted for.


The lawsuit was brought as a result of reports that the aforementioned funds were missing from the Auditor-General of the Federation's annual reports for 2016 and 2019.


In the case tagged FHC/L/CS/1107/23, which was filed last Friday at the Federal High Court in Lagos, SERAP is requesting an order of mandamus to order and compel Tinubu to promptly investigate the allegations and order anti-corruption agencies to urgently look into fuel subsidy payments made by successive administrations since the restoration of democracy in 1999, name, shame, and prosecute suspected perpetrators, and recover proceeds.


The organization is also requesting a mandamus injunction to require the President to implement procedures for transparency and accountability in the oil sector and to use any proceeds of crime seized as a palliative to remedy the impact of subsidy reduction on poor Nigerians.


In the lawsuit, SERAP claims that the accusations constitute a violation of the country's international commitments, including the United Nations Convention against Corruption, as well as national anti-corruption laws.


Additionally, it claims that the Tinubu administration must uphold its legal commitments under both domestic and international law to investigate the claims and ensure accountability.


SERAP contends that fast investigation, identification and prosecution of the culprits as well as the swift recovery of any lost public funds would enhance Nigerians' rights to restitution, compensation, and assurance against future occurrences.


Without holding those responsible for violations of human rights accountable, the organization argued in the complaint brought by Kolawole Oluwadare, Adelanke Aremo, Valentina Adegoke, and Ayomide Johnson.


According to SERAP, looking into and pursuing the claims will serve the public interest, assure justice and accountability, and put an end to ingrained impunity.


However, there is no set date for the lawsuit's hearing.



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