The real identity of Mercy Johnson, the Nigerian actress, has come under scrutiny as a woman claiming to be her biological mother has emerged, sparking a demand for a DNA test to establish the truth. This woman, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Mercy, shared her story, disclosing that she had been married to a Nigerian man from Kogi state and had borne him three children.


However, circumstances took a tragic turn when her mother, visiting from Cameroon, delivered news of her ailing father's wish to meet his grandchildren before his passing. In compliance with her husband's insistence, she left her youngest child behind while taking Mercy Johnson and her elder brother, Martin Ngei, to their father's care alongside another woman.


For over three decades, she has tirelessly searched Nigeria, hoping to reunite with her lost children, but to no avail. When she finally located Mercy, the actress insisted on a DNA test to validate the woman's claims. Consequently, a meeting was arranged at the hospital, where Mercy's husband, Prince Okojie, was present. To her dismay, he denied any knowledge of her and refuted paying a bride price for Mercy.


While expressing her intentions were not to take Mercy away from her husband, the woman was disheartened when Prince Okojie agreed to fund the DNA test but neglected to offer financial assistance for her own expenses.


Having exhausted her resources on travel expenses to Nigeria, she found this predicament distressing. She stated that her pursuit was not driven by monetary gain, as she had been self-sufficient all these years. Additionally, she disclosed that Mercy's birth name was Ngei Magdalene and provided her willingness to undergo the DNA test. Mercy had extended an invitation for her to come to Nigeria, but due to her destitute circumstances, she currently struggles to find a place to call home in the country.


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