Nigeria swinging dangerously away from true democracy, says Obi



Transactional politics, disregard for the law, and pervasive corruption in the administration, legislature, and judiciary, according to Peter Obi, the Labour Party's LP presidential candidate, are pushing Nigeria dangerously away from democracy.

This was revealed by Obi in a series of messages on his X account, which replaced his Twitter account, on Friday, as Nigeria joined other nations in celebrating the 2023 International Democracy Day.

Since then, the LP candidate has made clear that he intends to appeal the judgement of the Presidential poll Petition Court, which supported INEC's announcement that President Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress won the poll on February 25.

Obi wrote, “On this year’s celebration of International Democracy Day, we must remind ourselves of the need to work together to build and deepen our nation’s democracy.

“As witnessed in the country today, the mindless erosion of the very ideals and tenets on which Nigeria’s democracy was built, if not checked, will only push the nation deeper into lawlessness.

“The current trend of endemic corruption, abuse of the constitution, disrespect for the rule of law, and transactional politics which cuts across the executive, legislative and judicial arms of government, have continued to conflict with our nation’s enforcement of democracy.

“Consequently, our dear nation has continued to swing dangerously away from the boundaries of true democracy. Gradually, we are losing one of the biggest intangible assets that make a nation strong, which is respect for the rule of law.

“I call on all Nigerians to remain committed to building and reinforcing our nation’s democracy. Once again, I restate my commitment to a new and truly democratic Nigeria. I am in this struggle solely for the betterment of our society.

“My vision of a new and truly democratic Nigeria is borne out of the deep conviction that Nigeria if given good leadership as I offer to give, will be beneficial to every Nigerian. We must not give up on our nation because a new and truly democratic Nigeria is possible.”



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