NAFDAC Will Begin Probe on The Safety of Indomie Noodles Today, Says DG

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) announced yesterday that it had begun an investigation and was responding to news of the recall of Indomie noodles by Malaysian and Taiwanese authorities as a result of widespread safety concerns.


The Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Directorate of NAFDAC will randomly sample Indomie noodles (including the seasoning) today, May 2, 2023, according to a statement from Director General of NAFDAC Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye. Ethylene oxide is the substance that interests us. The Food Lab Services Directorate Director has been contacted. He is developing the analysis's methodology.


“It should be noted that Indomie noodles have been banned from being imported into the country for many years. It is one of the foods on the government prohibition list. It is not allowed in Nigeria, and therefore, not registered by NAFDAC. What we are doing is extra caution to ensure that the product is not smuggled in, and if so, our post-marketing surveillance would detect it.


“We also want to be sure that the spices used for Indomie and other noodles in Nigeria are tested. That is what NAFDAC Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (FSAN) and Post-Marketing Surveillance (PMS) are doing this week at the production facilities and in the market. The public will be duly updated with outcomes of the investigation.”


According to earlier research, eating bread, rice, and noodles frequently raises your risk of developing chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, kidney damage, stroke, and obesity.


In recent years, there have been both proponents and opponents of the idea that eating foods with a high glycemic index, potassium bromate, and arsenic over an extended period of time increases the risk of developing non-communicable diseases.


Additionally, SWIPHA announced yesterday the recall of all batches of Polyfort Suspension due to a downward trend.


Constipation, heartburn, and excessive acidity can all be treated with Polyfort Suspension.


Kindly be informed that we are launching an immediate recall for all batches of Polyfort Suspension in stock, SWIPHA wrote in a letter titled "Recall Exercise for Ployfort Suspension" and sent to its distributors and clients on April 27, 2023.


“This is on account of the result of ongoing stability study on batches LS222072, LS222073 and LS222074, showing a negative trend. We are currently carrying out further investigation on other batches.


“However, we are mandated to inform you within 24 to 48 hours. We are unable to wait for the outcome of this investigation, hence, the decision to recall all batches of Polyfort in your custody.”


The letter added: “Further sales of Polyfort Suspension in your custody should be stopped, and inventory segregated immediately. Also, contact customers to whom you sold Polyfort Suspension to return them back to you. All Polyfort stock (your stock and that of your customers) should be handed over to the Swipha medical or sales representatives assigned to you.”




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