The music video for Zinoleesky's song “A1 (Feeling Disorder)” complements the raw emotions and intense lyrics of the track with visually striking imagery and captivating storytelling. Directed by a visionary filmmaker TG Omori, the video brings the song's narrative to life in a thought-provoking and visually stunning manner. 


The video opens with Zinoleesky standing alone in a dimly lit room, as the song progresses, scenes alternate between vibrant and surreal visuals that reflect the turbulent nature of the relationship depicted in the lyrics. 


The video's cinematography skillfully captures the vibrant emotions portrayed by Zinoleesky. Through visually arresting transitions and expertly choreographed sequences, the video takes viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions. 


The storyline of the video unfolds as Zinoleesky interacts with his love interest, emphasizing the complex dynamics of their relationship. The video showcases their moments of intimacy, but also highlights the power dynamics and struggles that exist between them. 


The art direction and set designs in the video are meticulously crafted, creating a visually rich experience. From stunning locations to symbolic props, every element contributes to the overall narrative and enhances the viewers' engagement with the song's themes. 


Overall, the music video for “A1 (Feeling Disorder)” amplifies the song's emotional depth and intensity. It captures the essence of Zinoleesky's lyrics and provides a visual representation of the complex journey depicted in the song. Through its powerful visuals and storytelling, the video adds a new layer of depth to the listener's interpretation of the track, leaving a lasting impression.


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