T Classic's latest single titled “Monalisa” is an infectious and melodious track that captivates listeners with its catchy lyrics and vibrant beats. The song begins with a plea for someone to carry their matter on their head, emphasizing the importance of not being forgotten or repented. The artist expresses his desire for intimacy, inviting his love interest to meet him in bed and encouraging them to undress while he enjoys their falsetto singing. 


The chorus showcases T Classic's admiration for his lover, referring to her as his “Monalisa” and highlighting her uniqueness. He compares her to an umbrella, symbolizing her ability to protect and shelter him. The artist admits his disobedience to his mother, confessing his inability to leave his lover due to his strong feelings for her. 


The lyrics convey the artist's intense affection for his “Monalisa,” expressing that she is constantly on his mind. The song exudes a sense of devotion and a desire to be with his loved one at all times. T Classic's smooth vocals and the infectious rhythm of the track make “Monalisa” a captivating and enjoyable song for fans of contemporary Nigerian music. 


With his unique style and captivating sound, T Classic proves once again that he is a rising star in the Nigerian music scene. “Monalisa” showcases his talent as a classical boy with a touch of finesse and charm.


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