Seyi Vibes brings forth a new track titled “Amdallah,” filled with introspective lyrics and a groovy rhythm. The song explores the fleeting nature of worldly possessions, emphasizing the importance of inner peace and resilience. 


With the opening lines, “Everything say na vanity, right now MOTi beyin ni,” Seyi Vibes acknowledges the transitory nature of material wealth. He expresses his desire for the downfall of his enemies, seeking justice and protection from harm. The chorus echoes his sentiments, emphasizing the temporary nature of worldly pursuits. 


Seyi Vibes's lyrical prowess shines through as he delves into various fields of study, intertwining them with his passion for music. From biology to criminology, psychology to sociology, he showcases his depth of knowledge and the multifaceted nature of his artistry. 


Amidst the introspection, Seyi Vibes maintains his energetic delivery, infusing the track with catchy melodies and infectious beats. The chorus, “Ha ha Amdallah, ha ha kudi wa, eeh TU SI wa,” invites listeners to join him in celebrating life's joys and triumphs. 


As the song progresses, Seyi Vibes reminds us to stay focused on our individual journeys and not be swayed by external influences. He urges us to persevere, emphasizing that we have come too far to be deterred by setbacks. 


It serves as a reminder to embrace our paths, find solace within ourselves, and appreciate the fleeting nature of the material world



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