Reminisce, the acclaimed Nigerian rapper, recently dropped a highly anticipated track titled "Shina Peters” featuring the talented artist Mohbad. The song captures the essence of contemporary Nigerian street music with its catchy beats, clever wordplay, and energy. From the very beginning, Reminisce sets the tone by declaring, “I am very happy, pass me the azul,” creating an atmosphere of celebration and excitement. 


The lyrics of "Shina Peters” are a mix of English and Yoruba, showcasing Reminisce's versatility and ability to connect with diverse audiences. The song references familiar Nigerian experiences, such as the need to share updates (“If you have an update, you should share”) and the struggle of a dying phone battery and fleeting time (“battery don dey low, time don dey go”). Reminisce also addresses the prevalent issue of internet fraud, cautioning against engaging in "wire wire" (Yahoo) activities in a witty manner. 


Mohbad's rap lines on the track complement Reminisce's verses perfectly. He delivers his lines with precision and charisma, adding an extra layer of intensity to the song. Additionally, the inclusion of sexual pleasure words in Yoruba demonstrates the artists' creativity and ability to infuse local language and culture into their music. 


"Shina Peters” encourages a spirit of generosity, urging listeners to share their blessings and not be stingy. It is an indication of Reminisce's ability to create music that resonates with people while also incorporating elements of Nigerian street slang and culture. The collaboration between Reminisce and Mohbad proves to be a winning formula, resulting in a song that is sure to be a hit among fans and further solidify their positions in the Nigerian music industry.



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