Oxlade's newly released song “Ovami” featuring Flavour is a mesmerizing and soulful track that captivates listeners with its heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies. With a rhythm that blends contemporary Afrobeat sounds with a touch of highlife, the song is a delightful fusion of genres. 


In the verses, Oxlade beautifully expresses his emotions, proclaiming that the impact of love is undeniable and visible to all. He acknowledges that he has been completely consumed by his love interest, stating, “I can't deny it is written all over me, oh. That you've taken all over me.” The repetition of the phrase “all over me” emphasizes the depth and intensity of his feelings. 


The collaboration with Flavour adds a distinct flavor to the song, as he delivers his verse with his signature charm and flair. Flavour assures his love interest of his unwavering commitment and protection, asserting that he will not tolerate anyone who tries to harm her. 


The chorus serves as a declaration of love, with Oxlade and Flavour harmonizing to express their desire to make their respective partners their wives. The lyrics convey a deep sense of devotion and a longing to build a lasting relationship. The mention of California and Sacramento adds an element of aspiration and grandeur to their vision of a future together. 


Throughout the song, the artists showcase their vocal prowess, seamlessly complementing each other's styles. Oxlade's smooth and velvety voice blends perfectly with Flavour's rich and resonant tone, creating a captivating musical synergy.


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