Recently, Boj and Ayra Starr came together for a musical combination and the result is top-notch. 


Nigerian singer, songwriter, and producer Boj (actual name Bolaji Ojudokan) is well-known for his distinctive fusion of Afrobeats, alternative, and urban sounds. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on April 22, 1994. 


Nigerian singer and composer Ayra Starr is renowned for her deep voice, profound lyrics, and distinctive fusion of Afrobeats and R&B. Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe is her real name.


Both artists' distinct musical philosophies are combined in a new and thrilling sound as a result of their musical collaboration. Their ability to infuse their music with emotion and honesty has been acclaimed, thus a collaboration between them produced a song that is both strong and emotional. It's intriguing to observe the type of music they wrote together and how they incorporated their influences and approaches.


The guitar strings in “Line of fire” lyrics set it apart from other songs since it is quiet music with excellent instrumental blending. This song is about two individuals who are completely in love and express their feelings for one another. They say they would sacrifice anything for one another because they like being together, and they compare their relationship to a fight line. 


In general, “Line of fire” is a fantastic Nigerian love song that perfectly expresses the joy of being in love and spending time with your special someone. The music is upbeat and entertaining, as the lyrics are sincere and relatable. The song will undoubtedly become popular with Nigerian music enthusiasts and is a wonderful addition to any romantic playlist. 


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