The latest song “My Baby (Remix)” by Bien, featuring Franglish and Ayra Starr, is a captivating and melodic piece of music that combines the talents of these artists to create an enchanting experience for the listeners. The lyrics express deep affection and devotion towards a significant other, portraying them as the keyholder to the singer's heart. 


The song begins with a catchy chorus sung by Bien, emphasizing the unwavering trust and reliability of their baby. The lyrics reinforce the idea that this person never disappoints and deserves to be praised and crowned for their exceptional qualities. 


Franglish takes over the verse with his smooth vocals, describing his lover as his source of energy and inspiration. He promises to give his all, willing to face any challenge or sacrifice for the relationship. It is a journey filled with ups and downs, yet the love remains unshaken. The imagery of the wilderness savanna and the mention of lower lows and higher highs add depth to the emotional landscape of the song. 


The collaboration between Bien and Franglish brings a dynamic shift in languages, with Franglish expressing his devotion in French. He assures his partner that he will protect and care for her, offering constant attention and support. The lyrics highlight the depth of their connection and the unwavering commitment they share. 


“My Baby (Remix)” is a beautiful blend of English and French, showcasing the harmonious collaboration between Bien, Franglish, and Ayra Starr. The song's melodic and rhythmic composition, coupled with the heartfelt lyrics, creates an enchanting atmosphere that resonates with listeners, celebrating the power of love and devotion.


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