Christopher Olusa, a determined postgraduate student at the Federal University of Technology Akure, Ondo State, has set his sights on a monumental achievement: breaking a Guinness World Record with a non-stop marathon speech lasting an impressive five days. This audacious endeavor, aptly titled “From words to world records,” has received the official nod from the Guinness World Records authority. 


In an interview with journalists in Akure, the state capital, Olusa expressed his unwavering determination and readiness to embark on this extraordinary feat. He disclosed that he had diligently prepared for the event by subjecting himself to a series of rigorous mock trials. These trials were instrumental in acquainting him with the demands and challenges of attempting such a record-breaking endeavor. 


Olusa's confidence and dedication shine through as he declares his intention to not just participate, but to shatter existing records. His unwavering commitment to this endeavor is a testament to his tenacity and the belief in his abilities. If successful, Olusa's marathon speech will not only etch his name in the annals of world records, but also serve as an inspiration for aspiring record-breakers everywhere. The Federal University of Technology, Akure and the entire Ondo State community stand poised to witness this remarkable journey from an ambitious idea to a potential world record.


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