Group Calls For Reversal of Fuel Subsidy Removal, Threatens Protest Within 7 days

Concerned with the premium motor spirit price hike brought on by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu's declaration in his inauguration address, a group working under the Free Nigeria Movement's banner has called for an immediate renunciation.


The group set the Presidency a seven-day deadline to reinstate the previous gasoline pump pricing or they will call a massive protest.


Dr. Moses Paul, the group's convener, told reporters in Abuja on Thursday that the movement was aware of current discussions with the Nigeria Labour Congress, or NLC.


He claimed that actors were still campaigning for the old pump price and urged the NLC not to accept anything less than a return to the previous pump pricing since Nigerians could not handle the current circumstances.


"We are aware of ongoing talks with the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the many actors lobbying for an acceptance of the new pump price by the NLC leadership.


“We call on the NLC to remain steadfast


Dr. Moses observed that poor people have the right to live among the wealthy while being surrounded by the group's executives and empty containers to show "the black market boom business at filling stations".


”This is the only country we have. We will defend it with every stretch of our being standing on the law. This is the only way that Nigeria can stand for the good of all. As always, Let Nigeria Win.


“The dictatorial pronouncement on the removal of subsidy by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, whose ascension to power awaits confirmation by the courts, is a credible specimen in the scholarly hall of politics and governance.


His mouthpieces' haste to "explain" a straightforward message to a highly traumatised populace will be bad reference material for damage control, he claimed.



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