Akindolie Bukola, the owner of Owambe Rockers, a popular fabric business on social media, has made a distressing plea for help. She reveals that her husband's family has unjustly taken control of the business she worked hard to build. The trouble began when her sister-in-law, Akindolie Abisayo, who is also a lawyer, started an illicit relationship with a married man. This affair became the catalyst for the ensuing problems.

The married man, whose identity remains undisclosed, was previously working remotely until a stroke of luck led him to switch to the tech industry. It was at this point that Abisayo found an opportunity to enter his life romantically. However, Bukola, who is married to Abisayo's brother, was strongly against engaging with a married man. The situation worsened when Abisayo began pressuring the man to divorce his wife. She succeeded in manipulating him, and she even started working on his divorce proceedings. Bukola tried to caution her sister-in-law against destroying another person's home, but this only ignited a conflict.  Abisayo first informed their mother, Bukola's mother-in-law, that Bukola was obstructing her progress. This led to victimization and mistreatment of Bukola.

Abisayo even told her brother, Bukola's husband, that Bukola was against her marriage and had been spreading rumors about her. Provoked by these false accusations, Bukola's husband conspired with their mother and sister to drive Bukola out of their home. They intentionally made her life miserable and seized everything she had worked hard for, leaving her with nothing.  

Following her expulsion from her husband's house, they promised to sell the business and give Bukola her rightful share. However, overwhelmed by despair, Bukola contemplated suicide. There is photographic evidence of the incident where she was stopped from taking her own life but suffered injuries in the process, leading to hospitalization. Despite Abisayo's assurances, they refused to sell the business and give Bukola what rightfully belonged to her.  

Meanwhile, Abisayo became pregnant by the married man in an attempt to solidify their relationship. The man inexplicably abandoned his wife and fled to Canada, where he is now filing for Abisayo's presence so they can live together. On the other hand, Bukola is enduring a living hell as her former family refuses to sell the business and give her the share she deserves. She dedicated her time and energy to the business throughout her life, even starting it during her NYSC days while dating Abisayo's brother. She supported Abisayo when she was a social media handler and eventually brought her into the business. However, now they want to strip her of everything she built since 2014. 

Abisayo currently manages the brand, but it has suffered a significant decline due to her and her family's selfish actions and their penchant for pursuing married men. They have been threatening Bukola to stop speaking out, warning her of legal consequences if she continues. In her recent post, Bukola expresses her inability to even provide for her own son anymore. The situation has reached a point of desperation, and she emphasizes the perils of mixing business with family members, as it often leads to heartbreaking outcomes. Nine years of hard work have been obliterated because of Abisayo, her sister-in-law.


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