Falz the Bad Guy, has unveiled a shocking revelation on his Instagram account, the enigmatic Nigerian artist, spoke about the knee injury he sustained on this fateful day of November 26th, 2022 after playing football. 


Following the incident, Falz sought immediate medical attention, and on November 30th, the MRI results revealed a complete tear of his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The severity of the injury left no room for alternative measures, and the medical experts advised him to undergo surgery for ACL reconstruction. 


Fast-forward to May 2nd, 2023, and he went to the hospital, ready to face the daunting procedure. The surgery, performed under a combination of local and general anesthesia, aimed to restore the functionality of his knee. Remarkably, he was discharged on the same day, signaling a successful operation but with the uses of crutches. 


As he embarks on the path of recovery, he has reached out to his fans, urging for their prayer for a complete restoration of his health. The artist's resilience shines through, as he embraces this challenging journey with optimism and determination. 


Time will tell when the effervescent Falz the Bad Guy will be fully back on his feet to grace his audience with undiluted entertainment, but for now, his fans remain hopeful, sending their well-wishes and prayers to him.


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