A financial coach Elunu Gehgeh known as “Gehgeh” expressed his disappointment over Davido's actions, suggesting that Dangote, his godfather, must be extremely ashamed of him. Despite advising Davido to save and invest his money, last week Davido purchased a N400 million Maybach car, leading to questions about the effectiveness of advice given to him.

The expert emphasized the need for Davido to listen to guidance and questioned who he would now listen to if he disregarded Dangote's counsel. 
The expert proposed that Davido should consider investing in a restaurant business for Chioma his Wife, with support from Israel and other DMW boys, which could elevate her to become a renowned chef in Nigeria and globally.

Instead of spending his money on depreciating assets, such as cars, the expert believed Davido should seek advice on financial matters to help him preserve and build generational wealth, preventing him from going broke in the future. 
The comments shared by Nigerians on this matter are presented below.

Slimcase: “ Some are born to become d news some are born to carry d news. God pls help me mind my business and stay focus to become d news not the carrier”

Mrazeezofficial: “The way poor people advise the rich on how to spend their own money should be made a crime in Nigeria 🇳🇬 so they can all get punished!!!”

Promise: “Financial advisor wey they comfortable, Nigerians mind your business , you can be sued outside for this”

Emmzy.coming: “Guy is not your money and you no suppose advise anyone cause you never make 1 penny out of Wetin davido don make, do you know if it’s a very chicken change for him, loyal yourself he might be your helper but seeing this he will change his mind stay humble and focus on your own self”

Thubiliva: “WELL MOST CARS DONT APPRECIATE IN VALUE BUT FEW DOSE LIKE FERRARI, LAMBORGHINI, BUGATTI, either way is his money we only get to leave once we ain't taking it with us when we die so let enjoy it to the fullest now we are alive whenever is remaining our children should keep”

Davido’s fans and followers has urged the self-proclaimed financial expert to focus on his own financial endeavors and achieve success before offering advice to a multi-millionaire like Davido, who has earned his wealth through music and has the freedom to spend his money as he pleases, without being obligated to explain his expenses.


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