American singer, songwriter and actor Christopher Maurice Brown, Chris Brown had reportedly gotten into an altercation that allegedly resorted to violence with fellow artist, friend and mentor Usher Raymond IV, Usher at the former's 34th birthday party on Friday night.


According to media outlet TMZ's report,  the performer and the 44-year-old climax singer were both in attendance during Chris Brown’s birthday celebration, which took place at the Skate Rock City roller rink Las Vegas. 

While Usher and other celebrities in attendance like the 'Flawless' singer Summer Walker sang to Chris earlier in the evening when everything was seemingly fine, things unfortunately got ugly in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Things began to spiral when eyewitnesses revealed that Chris was attempting to talk to actress and singer Teyana Taylor, 32 who was also in attendance and sitting on a bench just outside of the rink. According to some reports, for whatever reason, Teyana was ignoring him.


A source spoke to Hollywood Unlocked, where the news about the incident was originally revealed, and expressed that the performer was 'disrespectful' to the actress during the party.


The insider also remarked that Brown was 'intoxicated' when he initially approached the 32-year-old singer, seemingly trying to have a conversation but she wasn't having it.

Sources revealed that this pissed Chris off, and he started to yell at her, resulting to Usher intervening and attempting to calm the Zero singer down.

Further allegations point out to the 34 year old entertainer cursing at Usher and Teyana -- but then, mostly focusing his anger directly at Usher. Chris would exit with his crew after announcing that hey were leaving before proceeding to leave the facility.


Eyewitnesses claim that Usher in a bid to mediate between the two took off his skates and went after them but was said to be revealed returning back with a bloodied and broken nose soon after, ensuing reactions. 


Since Brown has had a streak of reported violence already marring his name and has found himself in a heap of legal trouble since he plead guilty to one count of felony assault for beating then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, the media isn't far from believing the rousing allegations against him as all evidences point towards it.


With the radio silence from the three stars following the incident, the reps. for Chris brown and Usher were reached out to for commentaries on the alleged confrontation but there has been no response.


However, at the time of this report Teyana Taylor has reportedly unfollowed Chris on Instagram.



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