Tragic news has emerged from Chicago as 14-year-old aspiring rapper Lil Tuda has been fatally shot, becoming yet another victim of the city's rampant gun violence. The incident occurred on Saturday, at approximately 4:45 p.m. in Chicago's West Side, specifically on the 100 block of South Homan Avenue. Reports indicate that Lil Tuda was shot in the head, an act of violence that ultimately claimed his life.


Lil Tuda was taken right away to Stroger Hospital after the incident. Unfortunately, amid the best attempts of the medical professionals, he sadly passed away from his wounds and was pronounced gone. His premature demise is still under scrutiny, but other reports believe that it was brought about by the rampant black-on-black gang gun violence that has befallen Chicago for almost 10 years now.


Moreover, Lil Tuda's companion was also a victim of the shooting, sustaining multiple gunshot wounds and currently fighting for their lives in critical condition. This heart-wrenching incident further adds to the growing list of talented Chicago-based rappers who have tragically lost their lives to gun violence.


The continuous occurrence of gun violence in Chicago deeply troubles the community. Civilians are increasingly distressed by the persistent cycle of violence that engulfs the city.


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