In the culinary world, a fierce announcement has been made by Chef Maliha of Kenya via her social media page to take back the record as the longest cooking time by an individual, which Hilda Baci of Nigeria just attempted to break, a few days ago. The stakes are high as she comes out to take the challenge of the prestigious title of the longest cooking time by an individual, a record previously held her in 2019 with 75 hours. However, Chef Baci recently completed a 100-hour cooking attempt, awaiting the verification from Guinness World Records. 

As the anticipation builds, Chef Maliha sees an opportunity to not only break her record, but to shatter it into pieces. With the approval from Guinness World Records, she has set her sights on not one but two upcoming cooking marathons. The first challenge is scheduled for August 11, 2023, followed by another on November 11, 2023. 


Chef Maliha is leaving no stone unturned in her preparation for these monumental tasks. She has embarked on rigorous training sessions in May, June and July, fine-tuning her culinary skills and endurance to withstand the grueling hours that lie ahead. Her determination is tangible as she pushes herself beyond her limits, driven by the desire to reaffirm her position as the unrivaled champion of the kitchen. 


Meanwhile, Chef Baci eagerly awaits the confirmation of her recent feat. The tension is thick, as the culinary world holds its breath, waiting to witness history in the making. 


The countdown begins, and the stage is set for an epic showdown. As the appointed dates draw near, the culinary community brims with excitement, wondering if Chef Maliha can surpass the record and solidify her culinary legacy. With their eyes firmly fixed on this remarkable chef who wants to take the record back to Kenya.


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