Famous music video director, TG Omori, has opened up about the online rivalry between him and rapper Blaqbonez, suggesting that the rapper's playful banter is a strategy to maintain relevance in the dynamic music industry. TG Omori highlighted that Blaqbonez's career trajectory has witnessed a meteoric rise since their social media exchanges began. 


The feud between the two artists ignited when Blaqbonez decided to direct his hit song's music video, 'Back In Uni,' himself, rather than paying TG Omori's perceived high fees. This decision marked the beginning of their banter-filled relationship on social media. Despite the friction, TG Omori expressed comfort with Blaqbonez's online antics, emphasizing his intention to let the rapper shine and prosper. 


TG Omori gave a glimpse on the situation, noting that Blaqbonez cleverly used their interactions to amplify his brand. He acknowledged that the rapper's most significant video, 'Back In Uni,' garnered attention due to the presence of TG Omori's name, demonstrating that even when artists cannot afford his services, they seek to leverage his reputation. TG Omori showed magnanimity, refraining from stifling Blaqbonez's newfound success and affirming his belief in uplifting fellow artists. 


Asserting his dominance, TG Omori proclaimed himself as the preeminent music video director in the country. With his candid revelations, TG Omori displayed a nuanced understanding of the dynamics of the music industry, where camaraderie and strategic exchanges can coexist amidst healthy competition. 



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