During his recent interview with Tacha on Cool FM, Boy Spyce voiced his strong opinions on a practice that irks him within the music industry: artists resorting to artificial means for song promotion. Specifically, he expressed his frustration with artists orchestrating PR stunts on Twitter to artificially boost their songs' popularity. These stunts often involve hiring influential Twitter personalities who have a considerable following. These influencers are then paid a substantial sum, sometimes even reaching a million Naira or more, to create trending hashtags and posts promoting the artist's work. 


Boy Spyce emphasized his firm belief that genuine talent should speak for itself. He argued that artists who truly possess skill and artistry don't need to rely on such tactics for validation. For him, authenticity and originality hold far more value than temporary spikes in online attention. 


In his candid conversation with Tacha, Boy Spyce revealed his personal stance on the matter. When confronted with the idea of engaging in such artificial promotions, he stood his ground and firmly declined. 


The passionate artist further highlighted a consequence of this trend: songs that artificially climb music charts through these promotions tend to experience a swift decline in recognition once the hype dies down. Boy Spyce underscored the importance of organic growth and genuine appreciation from fans. He believes that these factors contribute to long-lasting success and a sustainable career in the music industry.


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