Excitement fills the air as @Lola_Mewu, an aspiring artist, takes to her Twitter page to announce her upcoming ground-breaking record attempt for the Guinness World Records. Inspired by Hilda Baci's recent milestone as the longest-cooking individual, Lola aims to make her mark in the realm of creativity and endurance.


With the green light from Guinness World Records, Lola is set to embark on an incredible journey, the longest painting marathon, scheduled to take place from October 28th to 30th, 2023. This event promises to push the boundaries of artistic endurance, unleash imagination, and create a record in the process.


However, Lola knows that she can't achieve this monumental feat alone. Seeking sponsors to make this historic event possible, she calls upon supporters to join her in this endeavour. By supporting Lola, sponsors will not only be part of a record-breaking achievement but will also contribute to the promotion of art and creativity on a global scale.


Lola's record attempt signifies the power of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of one's dreams. It serves as an inspiration for artists and enthusiasts worldwide, encouraging them to push beyond limits and explore the realm of possibility. As the anticipation builds, art aficionados and sponsors eagerly await this extraordinary event, ready to witness the birth of a new Guinness World Record and the celebration of human creativity.


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