Tony Umez, a seasoned actor in Nollywood, has disproved the rumors that he passed away.

The actor addressed the situation on Instagram and called out those who were spreading false information as clickbait. He also gave his friends and family assurances that he was strong, robust, and hale. He then promised to file a lawsuit against individuals peddling the bogus information.


He wrote, "Good day, my lovely people," in his caption. This distressing matter has come to my attention, and I must confront it.

Some dishonest people have been maliciously utilizing my photos and videos, falsely announcing that I've passed away to drive traffic to their websites. I want to start by assuring you that I am, in fact, very much alive and well. These misleading stories are nothing more than unfounded rumors that have been propagated by people with bad motives. As a result of these people's acts, which not only violate my rights but also unnecessarily upset my family and supporters, I will be initiating legal action against them.


Umez went on to caution the populace against people who propagate false information by abusing the power of information. He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation, stating that those who spread the rumors simply did so to benefit themselves. Last but not least, he pleaded with his supporters to only believe information and news that comes from him, his official channels, or his staff.


I recognize the influence that social media has on the dissemination of information, the man declared. Nevertheless, it is depressing to see how it may be abused by a select few to disseminate misleading information for personal advantage. I implore you all to exercise caution and to only believe anything that has come from me or my authorized sources. Love you all loads 


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