Veteran Nigerian musician Monday Edosomwan Igbinidu, widely known as Monday Edo Igbinidu, recently took legal action against the emerging star Crown Uzama, better known as Shallipopi, on the grounds of copyright infringement. This legal move came to light on July 25 when Igbinidu's lawyers, Chris Otasowie & Associates, sent a letter to Shallipopi. 


The crux of the matter lies in Shallipopi's song “Obapluto,” in which Igbinidu alleges that his song “Ovonramwen” was sampled without proper authorization. Seeking redress for the unauthorized use of his copyrighted work, Igbinidu demanded Shallipopi to pay the substantial sum of N200 million as damages. Additionally, the letter stipulated that Shallipopi should issue a public apology. 


The demand letter highlights the seriousness of copyright infringement and its potential consequences for artists and their intellectual property rights. Igbinidu's legal action indicates his intention to protect his creative work and secure fair compensation for the unauthorized use of his song in Shallipopi's record. 


As the case unfolds, both parties will likely need to provide evidence and arguments to support their respective positions. The outcome will depend on the legal merits of the claim and the evidence presented in court. Cases involving copyright infringement can be complex and may require careful examination of musical compositions and similarities between the songs in question.



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